Prasiola stipitata Suhr

Lomentaria orcadensis
Prasiola on "bird rocks" above the fucoid zone at the Claddagh, Galway City

Common names: None known.
Description: Small (1-5 mm long 2-5 mm broad), irregular lettuce-like fronds when wet (below), shiny and adherent to the rock surface when dry. Most common in spring and early summer; apparently surviving as basal fragments and regrowing in the following winter. Bird faeces are generally apparent amongst the fronds.

Lomentaria orcadensis
Habitat: Most commonly found on rocks frequented by seabirds above MLWN in the splash zone, particularly in sheltered localities. May be exceedingly common in off-shore bird colonies in cold-temperate areas. Generally above Pelvetia canaliculata (above) in the NE Atlantic, and often with Blidingia minima and other green algae.
Similar species: other green algae such as Blidingia and Ulva, which are generally larger and more elongated.
Key characteristics:
lettuce-like appearance when wet, position on the shore, generally above most other algae.

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